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Successful children’s author, speaker and advocate Annie Streit

February 08, 2022 nnie Streit Episode 81
#DefineYourself Podcast
Successful children’s author, speaker and advocate Annie Streit
Show Notes

Living with an incomplete spinal cord injury at C5 of her spine from a diving accident, Annie Streit’s life goals changed course from creating a career for herself as an interior designer to a desire to help others.

Annie shares how attitude, a strong support system including members of the spinal cord injury community, friends, and family, and helping others through motivational speaking and volunteering with the United Spinal Association as the grassroots advocacy director has helped her build success in her life as an author of children’s books.

You can purchase any of Annie’s children’s books through Amazon by clicking here.

You can connect with Annie by visiting her website at https://annieauthorblog.com/

You can connect with the United Spinal Association by visiting their website at https://unitedspinal.org/

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