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Faith Jones secrets to thriving after being raised in a cult

February 01, 2022 Faith Jones Episode 80
#DefineYourself Podcast
Faith Jones secrets to thriving after being raised in a cult
Show Notes

Faith Jones was born into a religious origination, originally called the Children of God then the family that was founded in the 1960’a by her grandfather as a fundamental Christian organization as one of the founding groups of the Jesus people movement that came out of the hippie movement.

Faith spent her childhood living in the community facing many challenges including isolation and only a grade school education.  She also witnessed and experienced both psychological, religious, and physical manipulation and abuse including sexual abuse by adults, extreme corporal punishment, and forced separation of children from their parents.

Faith left the community as a young adult as she yearned to learn more and find a path in life that would lead to a career.  She left with nothing because everything belonged to the community.

Armed with the knowledge she had a personal relationship with God, and He will get her through the tough times, Faith used grit and determination to work her way into Georgetown University

Faith shares what she has learned from her experiences of building a successful life as a lawyer and a business owner after growing up on a cult and how we can use her lessons to build success in our lives.

You can purchase Faith’s memoir, Sex Cult Nun, from Amazon by clicking here

You can view Faith’s TedX talk “I own me”, at by clicking here

You can connect with Faith by visiting https://www.sexcultnun.com/ and https://faithjones.com/

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