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Overcoming Diabetes, PTSD and Hearing Loss to be a Champion

December 02, 2021 #DefineYourself Episode 73
#DefineYourself Podcast
Overcoming Diabetes, PTSD and Hearing Loss to be a Champion
Show Notes

Glen Williams, a former police officer and detective, who has lived with diabetes since the ae of fifteen, now has added a hearing loss from working around guns for years, and most recently PTSD.

Glen shares ho shutting down from his PTSD experiences cost him 2 marriages.

Glen shares the signs that a person may have PTSD and the best ways to deal with the effects of PTSD. 

Glen shares about his service animal, Shiloh, who can alert him about his blood sugar levels quicker than a CGM – Continuous Glucose Monitor.  Glen shares the training that is involved for the dog and the human, 

You can purchase Glen’s book, Bridging the Gap: An Inside Look at Communication and Relationships After Traumatic Events, from Amazon by going to https://amzn.to/3pJ0JJl Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases #SupportDFYS

You can connect with Glen by visiting his web site at http://www.glenwilliamspublicspeaker.com and to contact Glen about his offer, email him at info@glenwilliamspublicspeaker.com

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