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The One-Handed Sewing Man Qaysean Williams

March 29, 2022 Qaysean Williams Episode 88
#DefineYourself Podcast
The One-Handed Sewing Man Qaysean Williams
Show Notes

Having been injured at birth and developing Erbs Palsy Qaysean Williams left arm has limitations including his left hand is useless.

His injury has prevented him from playing in sports growing up, riding roll coasters without looks from those who operate the rides, and to this day he still struggles tying his own shoes.

Qaysean’s injury may have caused him some self-esteem issues and feelings of worthlessness.  His injury lead to him being called named and picked on by his peers in school.  He internalized the pain he was feeling from the cruel words of his classmates.

He knew the words of his classmates were damaging him so he decided to do something about it.

He decided to give himself some self-talk and tell himself that he should love the arm.

He started to create fashion to “cover up” his arm and distract everyone form his physical disability.  His work made him feel good about himself and it was the beginning of his fashion career.

because Qaysean decided to change his mind set to “I believe I can do anything I put my mind to.” he decided to strengthen his weak arm.    Although he was reluctant at first, Qaysean started to work out in a gym to strengthen is left arm.

Today Qaysean sees his disability as his super ability.  He first saw it as his super ability when he created garments that others found amazing he could create such an amazing product in spite of his disability.

Although he does get some push back from customers who do not believe he can create a full garment with just one hand, he keeps working to inspire others both in the disabled community and beyond to find their own super abilities.

You can connect with Qaysean by http://www.HausOfManikin.com and search for manikinTV on YouTube

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