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Rare Disease Advocate Deborah Vick

March 15, 2022 Deborah Vick Season 86
#DefineYourself Podcast
Rare Disease Advocate Deborah Vick
Show Notes

Deborah is a very strong woman.  She battles multiple rare dieses including Mysthenia Gravis, Auto-immune Disease, Ehlers Danlos, CRPS and Chronic Pain.  Deborah not only battles rare diseases, she is also a strong advocate in the rate disease community with grace and humor.

Deborah’s has always had a passion for politics, including an ambition to hold a very prestigious office.  Although her challenges has forced her to pivot from a political career, her political aspirations and training serves her well in the role of advocate for the rare disease community.

Deborah shares her story of how she went from an able body person to a person with a duality in hear early teenage years.

Devroah share some of the challenges she has faced from her rare diseases and how she has worked to overcome them – including self-confidence issues.

Deborah shares her vision and the mission for her non-profit, Vicktorious, who it is designed to benefit and how it can benefit everyone in the disability community.

Deborah shares some of her experiences she has had from battling all of here rate diseases and how she speaks out and advocates for the rights of disabled persons who have rare diseases.

Deborah shares how she uses her voice, and experiments with adaptive software and equipment, to both share her message and empower rothers in the disable community, on multiple social media platforms including TikTok, clubhouse, and others.

You can connect with Deborah Vick on most social media platforms as crafts on wheels or forward moving on twitte or via her non-profit, Vicktorious at Vicktoorious.com

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