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Overcoming Fibromyalgia to writing coach with Synova Cantrell

March 08, 2022 Synova Cantrell Episode 85
#DefineYourself Podcast
Overcoming Fibromyalgia to writing coach with Synova Cantrell
Show Notes

Synova Cantrell has faced many challenges in her life: fibromyalgia, a spinal cord injury that occurred in high school and a broken tailbone, but she has never allowed any of those struggles limit her.

Synova was told by her doctors she would be in a wheelchair by the age of forty and at first she was devastated by the diagnosis that cause her to go into depression, then she became determined to prove the doctors wrong.

Synova does not see her diagnoses as disabilities, she sees them as super powers.

Synova shares her tactics to prevent any labels or individuals define who she is because she wants to define herself by writing crime stories, helping solve cold cases and now helping writers to succeed in their writing careers as a writing coach.

Synova has an interesting way of dealing with her diagnosis of fibromyalgia, she does not consider it her “it” or diagnosis and by doing so, her thinking helps her succeed in life despite her fibromyalgia.

Synova shares how and why she got into writing and how her writing career was launched through a connection she had at her father’s church.

Synova shares how working from home is a perfect fit for her with her challenges including fibromyalgia.

Cantrell shares how and why she has pivoted from crime writing to coaching and motivation writers   She also shares how her ADHD is an obstacles for her to do  mundane household chores and the trick she has developed to do those chores despite her ADHD finding them boring.

During the interview Synova and Chris get a little of topic and dismiss some of the great works of comedian and actor, Steve Marti, and how Martin’s work has impacted their lives.

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